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In the Spirit of Friendship

Mackerel Sky presents, "In the Spirit of Friendship" a two person exhibit featuring the work of friends Maureen B. Gray and Kim Kauffman.

Maureen B. Gray

Maureen, a sculptor from Maple City, Michigan brings her hand carved stone sculpture. Cutting, filing, sanding, polishing—Maureen takes a chunk of rock and exposes its wonders. The sensuous curves and smooth polished surfaces invite caresses and are encouraged. The textures and colors of the natural stone are enhanced through the artist's carving and shaping. Every angle viewed is of interest and leads the viewer on a visual journey around each piece.

Kim Kauffman

Kim, an artist from Okemos, Michigan, creates "photo-collages", which in this exhibit feature intricate groupings of plant and animal material and man-made objects. She reveals enormous depth of texture and color taking the viewer into an enchanted world. Kim is always, as she says, "expanding the vocabulary of my imagery".


Please join us on Sunday, February 5, 2017 from noon until 4:00 p.m. for an opening reception for "In the Spirit of Friendship". Meet our artists, our friends, snack on tasty treats and soak up some positive spirit. "In the Spirit of Friendship" will run through March 26, 2017.




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